Saturday, April 23, 2011

wild flowers

roadside attraction

I'd been passing patches of these flowers for the last week or so - and had been marking where I wanted to go to try to get some shots.

TX Wild Flowers

Seems I was a little late - many have already begun to lose their petals - but still I think I was able to capture a few nice shots.

Wild Flowers

This shot is "SOOC" or "straight out of the camera" - meaning I did not process it at all in Photo Shop. Not even to crop.

Wild Flowers

Of course wild flowers grow wherever they grow - there is no organization. These were growing right in the middle of the others. (Are they black-eyed Susans?)

Wild Flowers

I'm dying to get back to the San Antonio Botanical Gardens now that spring is well under way, and before the heat roasts all the flowers. We'll see!

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