Saturday, November 26, 2011


Kandie and I finally made it to "Dough" a "Pizzaria Napoletana".

We waited about an hour outside, but the evening was pleasant and we shared a bottle of wine.

Once we were in, we ordered two kinds of mozzarella dishes - one where the mozzarella was wrapped around a squash paste that was amazing. Amazingly tasty and baffling in how they managed to get the paste inside the squash.

The pizzas were thin crust and light.

Everything was delicious - definitely a must-eat if you are in SA.

Not cheap - this is not Pizza Hut. Fine casual dining, pizza style.


We had Thanksgiving in Houston with Kandie's family.


It's all about the cooking. Cooking together, making a shared meal.

Or maybe it's about the food.

Thanksgiving - mashing the potatoes

Mark made some amazing mashed potatoes.

Or maybe it's about family.

All of that, I suppose. And some football thrown in for some of us. A Texas sized Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

dinner with friends

dinner and drinks

we haven't done much of anything worth writing about lately - or at least nothing that is particularly San Antonio-ish.  That's part of the problem with living out in Cibolo - just far enough away from the city that it's a pain to get in and appreciate it.  Definitely want to live inside a city if I have the chance someday.  A cool city. 

But we did have dinner with some wonderful friends the other night.  Katya is from Moscow and we toasted with these beautiful little goblets (I hate to call them shot glasses).