Sunday, January 23, 2011

Creative Destruction

"We sell to sell again"

This was taken in Schertz, TX, on the side of Route 78 just north of Randolph Air Force Base, near the Cibolo line.

I liked Lee & Jack's commitment to customer service - to sell so they can sell again. Wonder what they're up to these days. I'm using this picture for our weekly photograph theme "Silence".

the Schertz drive-in

Just behind the VFW I spotted an old drive-in movie screen. I had to go down to check it out.

the snack bar

More interesting than the screen was the building that I assume used to be the snack bar (above - outside; below - inside).

the snack bar

Not far from the snack bar was an old trailer that has been torn to shreds and has been there a long time - based on the trees that have grown up around it.


Just a few feet from the trailer was this little fenced in grave site with three abused head stones. It's fascinating what you will find juxtaposed in a rural environment.

three graves

The economist Schumpeter wrote years ago of capitalism as "creative destruction". Something is constantly destroyed as something else takes its place. Here are some images of the destruction side. Schertz and Cibolo are rapidly growing communities - there is far more creation than destruction. But old forms are left behind as new forms take there place. Economic growth is not Pareto optimal.

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