Sunday, August 14, 2011

out and about in Cibolo

Kandie and I went out today to find a photo for the weekly theme "Apathy."   This was mine -


an old house on Main St., Cibolo.  Obviously property values haven't risen enough to justify tearing this old place down.

Kandie shot this door on the side of a closed antique shop:


On the way home, we got cut off by a train, and were stuck waiting for it to roll by. So of course I hopped out of the car and took a bunch of shots.

train crossing 78 & 3009

I'd been wanting to get an opportunity to shoot the trains because of all the graffiti,

train crossing 78 & 3009

but the timing never seemed to work out.

train crossing 78 & 3009

I guess today we just got lucky!

train crossing 78 & 3009

and I was able to get a bunch of shots I liked.

train crossing 78 & 3009

They are pretty heavily processed, as you can probably tell. But I had fun.

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