Saturday, September 10, 2011

Steele Knights Band (and Football)

We went to watch the Steele Knights Band perform on Friday because S. is playing in it this year.  The high school decided to let the football players play a game on either side of the performance, too, which I think is nice.  It's good to give everyone an opportunity to perform.  Plus it gives everyone time to find their seats.

A few pictures of the football players:

Steele Knights Football

Steele Knights Football

Steele Knights Football

Steele Knights Football

The band was supportive

Steele Knights Band

And then the main event finally happened - the marching band took the field:

Steele Knights Band

along with the dance team

Steele Knights Dance Team

Texas takes its football serious (that's American football, not soccer).

We can't forget about THE Steele Knight:

The Steele Knight

Good time, good show (and a good game).  (Oh yeah, and the football team won.)

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