Monday, May 16, 2011

La Hacienda - A for Atmosphere, F for food

Last night we met up with our old college friend R. for dinner. We picked him up from the airport at dinner time and told him we would take him someplace special for dinner.

We had been to La Hacienda once before with another friend when we first moved to San Antonio last summer, but hadn't been back since. Honestly, we were in such a mental whirl at that time (just go back through this blog and see) that we didn't really remember how the food was - but we did remember the great atmosphere.

La Hacienda has a very Old Mexico feel to it, with lots of wood and color. There is a large patio with an outdoor bar under huge live oaks - and last night being unseasonably cool for mid-May, we sat outside and enjoyed the breeze and the live band playing covers of Fleetwood Mac.

If you're nearby, La Hacienda would be a great place to go sit out and have a beer or a margarita. So I give it an "A" for atmosphere.

But based on last night's dinner, I can't say we'll be rushing back to eat again any time soon.

Kandie and I ordered the chicken enchiladas verde, and I encouraged R. to try the chicken enchiladas mole - one of my favorite Mexican dishes.

The chips were not a good foreshadowing of what was to come. The salsa was mild and pleasant, but the chips themselves were stale.

When the food finally came out, it had obviously been sitting under heat lamps for some time, as the sauces had started to form a crust and the refried beans had hardened along the edge of the plate. The chicken was relatively flavorless, and everything was tough.

Overall, a disappointment to have taken an out of town guest there.

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