Saturday, May 21, 2011

REO Speedwagon at the Cowboy Dancehall

We went to see REO Speedwagon last night at the Cowboy Dancehall.

REO Speedwagon - Terry Luttrell

I only had a little pocket point and shoot with me with no manual controls, so I couldn't adjust for the light, so not many shots came out. If I'd had either my Nikon or N's camera, we would have been able to get some great shots because were were standing only about 75 feet from the stage. We could have been closer if we'd wanted to be. The Cowboy Dancehall is a good, moderate sized venue for a show like this one.

Despite the white hair, REO still put on a great show. They didn't try to push any new music on the crowd - it was all the classics from the start.

They did take a break mid-show to perform a little "Illinois Boogie-Woogie" that showed their musical talent - and a little ageless sound that isn't tied to teen-angst lyrics.

K. and I enjoyed the show and would definitely go back to Cowboy Dancehall for another performance if something other than country music ever comes there.

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