Tuesday, July 26, 2011

bowling w Little Chef

bowling w Little Chef by Mark Bonica
bowling w Little Chef, a photo by Mark Bonica on Flickr.

phone cam shot

came home early today and Little Chef and I had some quality time. I've been so busy this summer, I realized we needed a little break. She loves to bowl, so we went, just the two of us, and bowled a few strings. I stink at bowling. My grandfather was apparently phenomenal at it - having scored multiple 300s. We have a clipping somewhere of him and his bowling team, announcing that they had all bowled 300s. I was very lucky today and bowled a 150, but normally I'm feeling solid if I break 100.

I was thinking today about how bowling was such a rage in the 50s and 60s, and how it's not really a mainstream activity now, yet it limps along. It's a huge capital investment to set up a bowling alley, but the variable cost must be relatively low - how much can it possibly cost the alley if one more lane is running or not on a given day? Probably pennies, if that. So then it becomes all about volume and spreading costs, but where is the volume? Most of these places must constantly be on the verge of collapse.

this particular shot is from Randolph AFB, which has a very nice bowling alley and reasonable prices, courtesy of your tax dollars. thank you so much.

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