Friday, July 1, 2011

Six Flags/Fiesta Texas

Took the kids to Six Flags/Fiesta Texas yesterday afternoon. We all had a good time. S & N, my oldest, walked around with their respective friends, while Little K and I spent some quality Father/Daughter time.

Unfortunately all I had with me was my phone cam yesterday, so the pictures aren't very good.

A view of the "board walk" from the ferris wheel:

Boardwalk - Six Flags

(yes, it looks a bit like a painting - that is the result of the "dry brush" filter I applied in Photo Shop.)

I love ferris wheels as I've said before. They're not thrilling or even scary. But every time I ride one I can't help but think about the technology behind the ride, and how far we have come as a species that we can afford to waste it on simple pleasure.

Little K and I also rode the giant swings, which is another of my perennial favorites:

giant swing - Six Flags

She had a lot of fun. I was sitting on the swing next to her, hoping I wouldn't drop my phone while trying to take the shot, spinning around at whatever blurring speed that was.

I love photographing amusement parks - so many colors, so many interesting shapes, so many happy emotions.

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