Monday, August 9, 2010

life and happiness

There is at least one bright spot in having come to Texas. Ready access to one of my favorite beers.

I discovered Shiner Bock back in the dimly lit pre-internet '90's when I came to San Antonio the first time.

These days you can get it up in Virginia and maybe even some places north of that. But there's nothing like knowing the bottle you're drinking came from just down the road.

Sorry my last several posts have been downers - we're just a bit exhausted from this "adventure". Keeping things in perspective - there are so many people who would gladly trade places with us, even given our less than perfect circumstances. After all, I have a really great job, we have a roof over our heads, and no one is sick or injured. So many people we have been exposed to over the last several weeks can't say that - particularly the ones we left behind at the hotel.

So I'm happy to have one of my favorite brews, and I am looking forward to touring the brewery at some point in the near future. Hefting one tonight to life and happiness, and keeping it all in perspective.

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