Tuesday, August 17, 2010



We finally made it to Tomatillos! This is one of the legendary restaurants that everyone ever stationed at Fort Sam Houston talks about when they leave. We last went to it back in '96 the day before we left San Antonio for Colorado. And good news - it's still excellent!


OK - the pic is crappy because I took it with my phone cam - but what you see before you is a chile relleno plate - after enchilladas in mole, my favorite Mexican dish. Chile relleno is a stuffed green chile - often with cheese, soemtimes with shrimp, or in this case seasoned ground beef - lightly battered and fried, then served with red sauce and cheese on top. Rice and beans on the side here. We also had a wonderful sampler plate of their appetizers.

Right on Broadway, Tomatillos is a hop and a skip out the Walters gate from Fort Sam.

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I'm a little sad we'll be moving 15 miles up the road from Downtown SATX, but we close on our house on Thursday, and the moving company FINALLY delivers our stuff Friday! Woo-hoo! Homeless no more!

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