Sunday, August 29, 2010

rethinking the hotplate

maybe it's not sooo bad. it all depends on the scenery. Dank hotel, not nice. Your wet bar by the pool, not so bad.

it's wicked hot outside - kind of like it always is in Texas in August - so instead of straining the A/C unit with an hour of simmering spaghetti sauce, I decided to revert back to the bad old days in the hotel and cook the sauce outside.

this photo is actually from a last week, but today I'm making sauce again, with meatballs, which means an extra long cooking session. So the hotplate is back in business again.

I'm a little behind in posting because of our move to the house and unpacking and trying to get ready to teach, and oh yeah, work on my dissertation. But I think things will return to normal soon. Like around December.

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