Saturday, August 21, 2010

the move is finally over

all thru the house

After 52 days, we moved in to our new house yesterday, officially ending our longest move ever.

el gato surveys his domain

El Gato was checking out his new domain late last night when we brought him in from the apartment. He likes all the new nooks and crannies.

paper stomping

This morning we were right back at it, ripping through the 222 boxes the movers brought in for us yesterday, trying to find all the essential things (like frying pans and vacuum cleaners) and avoiding the unnecessary stuff (last year's Halloween costumes).

Everything gets wrapped in newsprint, so we have mountains of it laying around the house. Dishpacks - extra heavy duty boxes the movers pack glass in - make for excellent consolidation points for the left over newsprint. You can stuff it full, then when it's stacked to the top, you can climb up on top and stomp and jump on it so you can pack some more in. The dishpacks are great because they can take this kind of abuse and they don't blow apart!

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