Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tubing! Finally!

We tubed the Comal River today, finally!  Great time.  There were eight of us clinging together and bobbing along on the (mostly) lazy river.  No pictures 'cause I haven't bought a waterproof digital camera yet, but there would have been some good ones.  Lots of shots of hundreds of bodies laying out in various modes of relaxation.  There were a couple of chutes about 2/3 of the way through, one of which we missed and wound up going over a small dam instead.  Going over dams, even small ones, is not recommended if you are floating with small children, carrying an open container of say, beer, or if you have sun glasses on.  Our party lost two pairs of sun glasses, and one inner tube.  Thankfully no kids were lost for more than a minute.

It took about two hours to ride the river from the outfitter where we rented the tubes to the last public exit from the river.  It was a really pleasant trip and I am looking forward to doing it again - or maybe trying the Guadalupe.

And I am going to have to get a waterproof cam!

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