Saturday, July 24, 2010


Being separated from your "stuff" for an extended period forces you into new modes of thinking. You have to improvise to make yourself comfortable, finding ways to bend the environment to your needs. It's a primitive way of being - a hunter-gatherer mindset, every day a different problem to be overcome, and the capital you invest has to be general in nature, applicable to many situations.

hotel breakfast

I gathered this wretched thing on the way back through the hotel's "free breakfast" this morning, thinking initially that it would be my morning meal. (It's like the raided a gas station convenience store to stock their "breakfast" - it's that good.)

hashbrowns in the skillet

But when I got back to the room, I started rummaging around. We had a potato that made the trip with us from Virginia. There was some deli meat in the fridge. Some eggs. A plan came together.

Cube the potato, nuke it for a couple of minutes, then into the ubiquitous wok with a little hot oil. Hashbrown base.

add the eggs

After the potatoes were browned a bit, add the chopped ham, stir fry a bit more, then make a space in the middle and dump in the scrambled eggs.

The eggs cook slower if they're deep, so you have to mix them a bit without letting them stir out into the potatoes and meat right away. When the eggs have solidified you can chop them with the spatula, and then mix them with them into the potatoes and ham. Holding off to mix them in keeps the eggs a little chunkier, which I like.

almost there...

Last step - add some cheese on top.

Serve right out of the pan, or in a tortilla. Either way, it must be eaten with copious quantities of hot sauce.

huevos hotel

Life's always a choice. "This or that", as my new boss likes to say. The road isn't easy. Change is hard. It's something we (my family and I) haven't done in a few years, and it's harder than I remembered. But we're trying to choose to embrace it, rather than accept what's handed to us.

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