Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 6 - Huntsville, Alabama

We said sad farewells to the W.'s and hit the road for the next leg of our trip - visiting the K. family in Huntsville, Alabama. The K. family had been our neighbors in Virginia, but the Army moved them to Huntsville last summer.

We rolled in to Huntsville in the late afternoon and had a nice reunion with our friends. Terry and Ian cooked us a delicious dinner, including snicker apple salad which was completely amazing!

Ian and I rode their bikes down to the Tennessee river, which was about two miles from their house, touring around Ditto Landing,

admiring all the boats in their slips. I was surprised at the number of houseboats that obviously were occupied for more than just an afternoon cruise - many hooked up to satellite dishes attached to the dock!

After the sun went down the K.'s neighbors across the street lit off a post-4th of July fireworks show

Post-4th of July fireworks show

and gave the kids sparklers:


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