Sunday, July 25, 2010

I'm a Lone Star, I'm Rock Star

Mmmm... Not! This is truly awful stuff. Not sure why I was suddenly overwhelmed with a desire to buy a 12 pack, but I had to have it.

Now I do like Shiner, in particular Shiner Bock, so I am not morally opposed to Texan beer.

I think it may have been that we spent the afternoon swimming in the sun at Canyon Lake. Pretty lake. Look forward to getting back there. Both Randolph Air Force Base and Fort Sam Houston have recreation sites on the lake - we took advantage of Randolph's today. We'll have to check out FSH's another time.

I tried to convince the kids that tubing on the Guadalupe river was a blast, but they were uninterested until we crossed over it and they saw all the happy people tubing on it. Now we've got definite plans to get there soon!

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