Saturday, July 10, 2010

The final push

We made it to San Antonio on Thursday afternoon. The final push started after a night in a Lake Charles, Louisiana motel.

Traveling with pets is hard - on them and on you. Poor cats were locked up in their crates for most of the day every day we were on the road. As soon as we got to the hotel, Big Boy (The D.C.) began to explore.

Lake Charles

Good thing this motel actually allowed pets - since Big Boy promptly found the window and stuck himself in it.

Life on the road is pretty intimate. We aren't used to having a big house, but we aren't used to living in a single room, either.

Up early the next morning to pack the car. The kids were exhausted - too late to bed, too early up for too many days.

Last morning on the road

The final pack-out on the road - trying to cram all that stuff back in was like a jigsaw puzzle each morning.

Luckily we had Woodman with us - he was read to go as soon as we got out to the cars.

the road

It's hard to imagine traveling anywhere without Woodman.

It really was a great trip, all things considered. Glad to finally be here.

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