Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 3-5 - Strom Thurmond Lake

Day 3-5 of our trip we stayed at the Pointes West recreation area. Up-and-at-'em first thing each morning out onto Kathy and Keith's ski boat.

Tubin' on Strom Thurmond Lake

Tubing was the hot activity - getting towed behind the boat on a canvas covered inner tube.


Yeaaaahhh! Kandie was totally cool the whole time, right!

This is not your father's inner tube!


Nicole and Lexi had a blast! We couldn't pry them off the tube, but the lake could!


We went morning till night...

Sunset over Strom Thurmond Lake

Drew showed us his wake boarding skills, which is a lot like snow boarding on water...

Wake Board!

His orthodontist is giving away an iPad to the patient with the best "tooth brush" picture - so we tried to help him out:

Strom Thurmond Lake, GA

It wasn't all go-go-go - we took some time out for unmotorized water sports too:

Slow Boat

Good friends and good food! Calzones by sunset:

calzones by sunset!

We had yummy desserts every night - but the last, special night, we had Kathy's homemade tiramisu!


When we first met the W.'s 18 years ago, we used to go out to Olive Garden together. It was the first time any of us had money, so we were really excited to not only be able to go out to eat, but be able to get dessert! Tiramisu was Kandie's and my favorite dessert - so this was a special treat to celebrate how long we have been friends.

The only draw back to staying at Pointes West was no wi-fi - which is why I'm just catching up today.

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