Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The River Walk! Finally!

The San Antonio River Walk

After two weeks, we finally made it down to the main part of the River Walk! The kids were underwhelmed. They were hot, tired, and cranky and had no patience for shutterbug parents tonight. Looking forward to going back and getting some night shots - sans enfans. They did enjoy ice cream at Hagen Das, but regretted not having held out for Justin's gelateria. Kandie and I got a crazy English toffee covered candy apple at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Yum!

beer and sausage

Cooked up another decent dinner in the hotel tonight - beer and sausage. simple, not particularly elegant. fried up some green pepper and onion; cubed a potato, nuked it to soften, then added it to the mix; then sliced up some kielbasa - all into the wok. Salt, pepper, and a splash of Warsteiner. Not bad for a single skillet meal. The Warsteiner on the side really helped.

Waiting on the results of our house negotiations - we should have an answer tomorrow!

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