Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 7 - Zombie Killing in Huntsville

Lazy day today - we considered going to a local water park, but we decided we'd had enough water and sun and could use a break. So we opted for some indoor fun instead. We headed down to The Bridge Street in Huntsville, an outdoor mall.

The ladies did a little shopping, including visiting The Chocolate Crocodile, a candy and coffee shop where the girls bought various treats for themselves, including chocolate and caramel covered apples.

Lunch was at Red Robin, which was nothing to get excited about, but sometimes it's nice to eat in a familiar chain when you've been gone from the familiar.

After lunch we went to The Station, a mixed function amusement center that featured bowling, billiards, an arcade, bar, and restaurant. Something along the lines of Dave & Busters if you are familiar with that chain.

cleaning out the house!

The girls decided to play in the arcade rather than bowl, and they really cleaned house on the tickets.


Even Kandie and Terry bummed a few tokens and got in on the act:


The well-dressed zombie killer is sporting a colorful paisley purse this summer:


(sorry for the poor quality images - shooting with Kandie's cell phone today)

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