Thursday, July 15, 2010

Josephine Street Cafe

Dinner out tonight with Kandie's cousin and his wife (and our kids of course). We went to the Josephine Street Cafe which bills itself as a "Texas Road House."


Food was basic, but good and reasonably priced. I got the 12 oz. t-bone with slaw - medium rare. Very good. The place is busting out with ambiance. A tree trunk is in the middle of the dining room going up to the ceiling, the bar has well worn look to it, and you can look into the grill while you wait for your food. Wait staff was pleasant. We're definitely going back. I'm thinking about asking the manager if I can take some photos inside - it's a very cool place - had a great vibe. It's off the beaten path, but not as much as it once was. It's in the shadow of I-35, and the whole area around it is undergoing urban renewal. In particular the Pearl Brewery buildings just around the corner are being converted into retail space, and an extension of the River Walk comes all the way out there.

DSC_0050 copy

After dinner, we walked down to the River Walk and walked a little ways looking at what the city had done.


That's an intimidating bunch if I ever saw one. But check out those fish hanging from the I-35 overpass.

Fish, I said. Giant sunfish.


I guess they get lit up at night. We were just a bit too early to see that. I'd like to go back when it's dark.

There were a lot of people out exercising, including this one mad unicyclist

DSC_0030 copy

Not that there are other kinds of unicyclists, but this guy almost ran us down.


We saw a family of ducks enjoying the river, as well.

Pearl Brewery building

It's not completely gentrified yet, but it's getting there.

DSC_0052 copy

I hope the Josephine Street Cafe keeps its style when all the old buildings are gone or gutted.

Thanks M & R for showing us around!

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